There are eight levels of headaches, which level are you in?

There are eight levels of headaches, which level are you in?

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First level
Neck is sore and stiff (it is recommended to look up at the ceiling to see if there is any feeling in the back of the neck).
This level of cervical spondylosis has no special symptoms, but it is a signal from the body, reminding us that the cervical spine is affected by wind, cold and damp or prolonged strain, and we need to start recuperating, otherwise it will escalate.
second level
The neck, shoulders, and back were sore and stiff, and his complexion was dull.
This level of cervical spondylosis has begun to have individual symptoms, so it must be checked clearly. The body is already reminding us that a certain part has been damaged to a certain extent, and it must be resolved immediately, otherwise there will be a greater impact.
Third level
Have a tired face, poor resistance, prone to allergies, pigment marks and spots.
This level has begun to expand the scope of influence. Occasionally, cervical discomfort will affect the blood circulation in the brain, and sleep, memory, and resistance will begin to deteriorate; it will affect facial blood circulation, and facial metabolism will not be timely. Pigmentation, long-term Spots, acne, facial oily. At this time, the body has given us a lot of reminders, we must observe carefully and immediately adjust according to the course of treatment, otherwise it will seriously affect our life and work.
Fourth level
Cervical spine is weak, painful, numb.
This kind of problem has become more serious. The neck is often painful, and the activities can no longer be resolved, and even occasional numbness and weakness in the back and hands. Clothes, holding things, turning the head, bowing the head will all touch the strong pain. If left untreated, manual treatment may be required.
Fifth level
Often sleep with stiff neck (stiff neck is the most iconic message of headache disease).
Stiff neck looks like nothing, and it heals quickly, but it is a typical manifestation of headache instability, and it is also the most common problem of wrong positioning of the body. When the condition is mild, the rotational movement of the headache part is limited, accompanied by headache and dizziness; when the condition is severe, there will be nausea and vomiting, sleepiness at night, and persistent head pain. Without treatment there is a possibility of fainting.
Sixth grade
Walking unsteadily, running sideways, writing unsteadily (surgery is required from this level on).
The upper or lower limbs began to disobey instructions, and felt that walking was swaying, wandering or writing unsteadily, and hand tremors were all caused by the nerves of the upper or lower limbs being affected, and even accompanied by limbs feeling cold and hot, skin pain to touch, sweating or sweating for no apparent reason Not sweating at all. Those who are severely affected can't even squat up, and can't hold heavy objects. The sixth level is the highest level of external treatment, after that, you have to go to the hospital to find a doctor.
Seventh grade
Walking feels like stepping on cotton, the body feels tight, severe dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.
Eighth grade
Urination, defecation, and sexual function appear unspeakable.
There is no explanation at this level, please consult a doctor for details.
The harm caused by cervical spondylosis to the human body is very serious!

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