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FoldaFlex StrongDrive Mobility Pro

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Elevate Your Mobility Experience 

with convenience & confidence! 

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Designed to enhance mobility, safety, and comfort for all ages 

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Sizing and product details


Unfolded: 39”x23”x37”

Folded: 33”x23”x15”

Seat: 16”x17.7”x16”

Handle Height: 8.66”

Total Weight: 88lb/40kg

Largest Load: 220lb/100KG, Motors: 200W*2

Battery: DC24V 20AH

Speed: ≤4.5KM/H

Theoretical Driving Distance: 25KM, Minimum Radius of Gyration: 28.74”.

Unlock Mobility Freedom With Trust & Simplicity 

Embrace the joy of exploration, from leisurely strolls to fulfilling your travel dreams. Zenopax proudly introduces the FoldaFlex StrongDrive Mobility Pro, a groundbreaking innovation to liberate individuals with limited mobility


Foldaflex stands as the premier solution, uniquely saying goodbye to dependence and hello to a life unrestrained by limitations. 

Reliable Safety, On The Go 

Whether going uphill, or downhill, our auto-electric brake ensures prompt stopping, preventing any slip-ups. Additionally, our wheelchair features novice mode for safe navigation, especially for first-timers. 

But today, you hold the power to protect yourself or your loved ones. With FoldaFlex StrongDrive Mobility Pro, it brings about additional benefits: 

Five speeds 

Anti-rollover back wheels

Wheelchair detects for drastic changes in direction with a gyro sensor 

Auto-electric brake, instantly stopping with release of the joystick

Easily Install & Fold For Effortless Mobility 

Effortlessly fold in 3 seconds for convenient transportation and storage. 

Unlock intelligent control with our mobile app, allowing seamless operations like folding, driving, and turning. The armrests elevate for easy access, while rear switches toggle between electric driving and push mode.

Breaking Down Barriers With High Manoeuvrability

Our cutting edge design merges powerful dual moors with revolutionary 360° technology and durable tires designed to conquer various terrains, from indoor spaces to outdoor adventures. 


Foldaflecx outshine larger mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs. Navigate shops and crowded areas seamlessly with their folding powered design. 


Navigates tight corners with ease: Featuring 10" rear drive wheels and a top speed of 3.7 mph, Foldaflex boasts a remarkable turning radius of just 29.9". Whether infoors or admidst your favourite spots, ride with ease.

Tackle Off-Road Conditions

The FoldaFlex StrongDrive Mobility Pro compact design, tight turning raduis, and off-road capabilities help users navigate obstacles more easily, promoting greater accessibility and inclusion.


Tackle off-road conditions: With a maximum obstacle height of 2.4" and a ditch width of 3.9", our tires are engineered to tackle off-road conditions, surpassing obstacles that pose challenges to others. You're never in a tight spot.


Dependence on Others: The FoldaFlex StrongDrive Mobility Pro restores independence to those with limited mobility, reducing reliance on caregivers and family for transportation and daily tasks.


SwiftCharge With Long Lasting Battery

Our electric wheelchairs feature a quick-release 20AH battery, offering a maximum driving distance of up to 25KM. 

Enhanced by dual powerful motors, enjoy a smooth and robust driving experience with minimal noise.

FoldaFlex StrongDrive Mobility Pro

- % off