There is a "low back pain", which may be a signal of cancer, and most people ignore it!

There is a "low back pain", which may be a signal of cancer, and most people ignore it!

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The waist is an important part of our body. If the waist is not good, many things in life cannot be done.

In many cases, we often do not take back pain seriously, only think it is caused by fatigue. There are also many people who often say that they have back pain after they reach old age.

This kind of low back pain is mainly caused by waist strain caused by maintaining a posture for a long time, which damages the extensibility of the waist muscles and ligaments, leads to the accumulation of lactic acid, and causes waist muscle soreness.

More exercise and intermittent physical activity will improve.

However, there is a kind of back pain that is unusual, and it may be a signal of cancer. Many people ignore the symptoms of back pain, causing this cancer to be diagnosed at an advanced stage and difficult to cure.

This back pain can cause multiple myeloma.

Multiple myeloma is a malignant plasma cell disease in which the cells keep growing and dividing, damaging healthy cells.

And it will damage the body's immunity, causing the body to be prone to repeated outbreaks of bacterial infections.

Although the name of multiple myeloma is not often heard, the symptoms are very common. Among blood tumors, the incidence of lymphoma ranks first, and multiple myeloma is the second.

Suffering from multiple myeloma may have these 3 effects on the body, you need to pay attention to:

1.Bone headache

Because multiple myeloma will destroy the health of the bone marrow, resulting in a decrease in the content of osteoblasts, an important component of the bone marrow.

Moreover, cell activity will be suppressed, which will increase the number of osteoclasts, increase their activity, and destroy the health of the body's bones. Finally, it leads to the loss of bone dissolution ability, the decline of physiological function, and the symptoms of bone pain.


If there is a problem in the bone, it will lead to a decrease in hematopoietic ability, and if it cannot provide the blood needed by the human body, there will be symptoms of anemia.

When you have symptoms of back pain, dizziness, unresponsiveness, etc. If the symptoms are severe, it can also lead to coma, shock, and cerebral hypoxia.

3.Kidney pain

In a healthy person, the plasma cells in the body can secrete a large amount of immunoglobulin. When the plasma cells deteriorate into tumor cells, the globulin will accumulate in the kidney and damage the kidney function.

And there will be increased creatinine, foamy urine and poor immunity. Severe conditions can also cause renal failure, which will harm life expectancy and may also face the risk of death.

How do you know if your low back pain is common or a sign of cancer? 

Symptoms of common back pain:

Common low back pain is usually pain on both sides of the spinous process, and the pain site is uncertain. It could be pain on the left side, it could be pain on the right side, and the pain is not the feeling of something hammering your lower back.

The point is that ordinary back pain will only be around the waist and will not affect other parts.

For back pain caused by multiple myeloma, the pain site is usually in the middle, and it feels like the waist is being hammered hard by something.

In particular, sometimes the symptoms are mild, and sometimes the symptoms are severe. If you take a good rest, the symptoms will be relieved. However, low back pain caused by multiple myeloma may occur in various parts of the body, not just the waist.

If your low back pain is of a common nature, you can often walk backwards to exercise your waist strength and improve your low back pain symptoms.

However, this has to be done persistently to be effective. In addition, the weather is cold, so you should keep warm at ordinary times to avoid low back pain caused by cold. If you have multiple myeloma, you must actively receive treatment to prevent it from getting worse.

If we find some lumps of different sizes in our waist,

These lumps usually appear on the waist, which are the precursors of malignant tumors, so we must take good care of them and observe our waists. Once abnormalities are found, we must go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

Fibroids, lumps in the lumbosacrum:

The lumbosacral area is located at the connection between the waist and the buttocks. During normal massage, if you find lumps in this area, you can feel that these lumps are moving and accompanied by pain. Be vigilant.

This may be suffering from fibroids in the waist, it is best to go to the hospital for a related examination.

There are still many phenomena that cause this kind of low back pain, basically as the age increases, the probability of occurrence is getting higher and higher.

This is due to the aging of the lumbar spine itself combined with osteoporosis, and many people will be accompanied by lumbar disc herniation. When this kind of low back pain occurs, it may feel like a broken bone.

Improper posture may induce low back pain at any time, and the nervous system will be affected to a certain extent after a long time, which is called central sensitization in medicine.

If it is only the lesion of the lumbar spine itself, then its painful parts are relatively concentrated, and it will be relieved to a certain extent after stretching activities, and the pain can be temporarily relieved after hot compress and physical therapy.

If the back pain feels neuralgia like electric shock, it is best to go to the hospital in time to make an accurate judgment, so that you can find out what diseases are hidden in your body, and find out and treat them in time.

Low back pain caused by cancer bone metastasis:

Almost all cancers are likely to metastasize to bone, such as pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, gastric cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, etc.

If the low back pain continues to aggravate, especially at night, accompanied by inexplicable fatigue and weight loss, it is likely that there is pain metastasis caused by cancer in other parts of the body, and you should go to the hospital for examination and diagnosis in time.

In particular, the pain of malignant tumor lesions is usually in the second half of the night, and the pain will be more obvious at night. If the pain is aggravated at night, it is necessary to be highly vigilant for malignant diseases.

I once saw a case from a netizen:

A middle-aged strong man in his forties sneezed and caused severe back pain, which continued to worsen. After taking an X-ray at the hospital, he found that the bones of the lumbar spine had been hollowed out!

The result of the examination was not osteoporosis but advanced kidney cancer!

Fighting with cancer for 2 years, unfortunately passed away.

When this patient sneezed, the abdominal pressure increased, causing the vertebral body with bone metastases to be compressed. It is clinically called pathological fracture, which then caused severe pain. It was discovered that the pain was bone metastases when he went to the doctor because of back pain. cancer manifestations.

The bones of normal people are very dense and have a certain degree of elasticity, which can play a role in supporting the spine. The first symptom of many cancer patients will be severe pain after bone metastasis, concentrated near the lumbar spine.

Metastatic cancer will reduce the density of bone, and erode the original dense bone into a hollow shape, which is called osteolytic destruction in medicine.

When cancer cells transfer to a certain vertebral body, the load-bearing capacity of the vertebral body will decrease. Any small movement, such as sneezing, turning over, stretching, coughing, and moving objects, may cause fractures and cause severe back pain.

To sum up,  If you feel back pain in your daily life and it cannot be relieved after rest, you should go to the hospital to check.

The signals released by the body should be paid attention to. Don’t carry on when you are sick. If you have problems, you should find them early, and early treatment will have better results.

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