Waist Protection Tips!

Waist Protection Tips!

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1.Yoga Correction for Back Problems.

  • Sphinx Pose

    Key points: Lie prone on the ground, straighten your legs and put your hands on both sides of your head; inhale, slowly lift your head and chest off the ground, put your forearms flat on the ground to support your body, and look upwards obliquely; exhale, Slowly lower the upper body to restore.

  • Half Locust Pose

    Key points: Lie on your stomach with your chin on the ground, put your palms down on your side, keep your body in a straight line, and keep your legs together. Slowly inhale, press down with both hands, raise the right leg back and up, hold it statically when it reaches the highest point, and breathe naturally. Exhale, and slowly lower your right leg. Repeat the movement of the left leg according to the movement of the right leg.

  • BabyPose

    Key points: Kneel on the mat, exhale, bend the body forward and downward, put the arms on the side of the body, the abdomen against the thighs, the chest on the knees, the forehead on the ground, close your eyes and relax the entire back.

  • Cat Stretch

    Key points: Kneel on the mat, legs and arms shoulder-width apart, and perpendicular to the ground. Inhale, raise your head, sink your waist, and lift your hips; exhale, lower your head, arch your back, and draw your abdomen. Cooperate with breathing and practice repeatedly.

2.How to properly protect the waist in daily life?

  • Choose the Right Chair

    The chair should give enough support to the waist, so that the lumbar spine can maintain a normal state of slightly forward tilt. Make sure that when leaning lightly on the back of the chair, the seat board supports the thighs and the feet are flat on the ground. Such a chair can make the waist effortless and not easy to cause back pain.

  • Choose the Right Mattress

    The mattress should be moderately soft and hard. When lying flat on the mattress, there should be no gaps in the three obvious bends between the neck, waist, buttocks and thighs, and there should be no gaps in the concave parts of the body curve when lying on the side. Such a mattress can perfectly fit your natural curves.

  • Correct Bad Posture

    When sitting, keep your upper body straight, tuck in your abdomen, keep your lower limbs together, fill your buttocks with the chair, and touch your back to the back of the chair so that your lumbar spine can rely on it. If necessary, you can choose a backrest that protrudes in the middle, has excessive arcs up and down, and has a certain hardness to support the waist.

    When doing housework, try to keep your waist straight, such as placing the cutting board at a relatively high position to cut vegetables, or lengthening the length of the broomstick, etc., so as not to bend the waist too much and cause lumbar muscle strain.

    In addition, most communities and parks have fitness squares with a lot of fitness equipment, and there are often elderly people or parents playing there with their children.

    But be careful, this fitness equipment may hurt your waist! It is called "waist fitness device", and I believe many people have tried it in the park.

    According to the doctor's report, there are many patients with waist damage caused by the use of "waist strengthening equipment" in clinical practice. The reason is: the patient does not understand that the lumbar spine is actually a "stable" joint, and the movement it fears most is "twisting"!

    All the research in the field of core stability in recent years has proved this, so it is not recommended that people try to increase the range of motion of the lumbar spine, which is very easy to cause damage when twisting.

    Finally, keeping your waist warm is also very important!

    Whether in the air-conditioned room in the cold winter or hot summer, we must protect our waist from the cold.

    From now on, get rid of the bad habit of hurting the waist and cultivate the correct method of waist protection. No soreness in the waist, no pain in the back, and a straight body.

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