Diagnosis of knee pain

Diagnosis of knee pain

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Diagnosis of knee pain

What is the cause of frequent knee pain?

What's the matter with the discomfort in your knees?

What's wrong with the knee joint that can't twist?


This is the question that many patients with knee joint disease want to ask. For them, it would be great if they could differentiate based on the different parts of the knee joint pain, the nature and extent of the pain, and easily know what is wrong with their knee joints.

However, the knee joint is the most complex joint in the human body. According to statistics, there are more than 100 types of knee arthritis alone. Problems with any part of the knee joint may cause knee joint pain, and the symptoms of many knee joint diseases overlap. Without the help of clinical examination and auxiliary examinations, it is difficult to identify them based on symptoms alone.

1 Knees often hurt

The main symptoms are: pain and swelling in the front and side of the knee; stiffness in the morning that can last for more than 30 minutes; pain after frequent use of the knee; knee discomfort usually intensifies at night; pain when walking or standing in extreme cases; permanent knee pain bending.

Possible cause: Osteoarthritis. The reason is that the articular cartilage is constantly worn and torn, causing it to become hard and thin, leading to inflammation.

2 Uncomfortable in the knees

The main symptoms are: discomfort on the inner side of the knee; worsening pain when climbing stairs; pain when touched with hands, a warm feeling, and possible swelling.

Possible cause: Prepatellar bursitis. There are many small sacs of fluid between bones and tendons and ligaments. If the fluid sac inside the knee is exposed to trauma or overuse, the area can become swollen and inflamed.

3 Knees cannot be twisted

The main symptoms are: tingling pain in the middle of the knee and worsening pain when twisting left and right; the knee is "locked" and cannot bend or straighten.

Possible cause: Meniscal tear. The menisci are two crescent-shaped pieces of fibrocartilage located on the medial and lateral articular surfaces of the tibia, which serve as shock absorbers. When a meniscus tears, small fragments can squeeze into the joint and cause inflammation.

4 Knees bulging like balloons

The main symptoms are: the knee is swollen, like an uninflated balloon; the skin is red, but the pain comes from the inside of the knee and calf; the knee cannot move and is "stuck".

Possible cause: Swelling is caused by a buildup of fluid in the joints, which can worsen if you have arthritis.

5 Feeling of heat in the knees

The main symptoms are: severe pain within a few hours; redness of the skin, and shiny white bumps appearing under the skin; joints are very hot and stiff; symptoms last for 3-10 days and occur at night; the big toe may also Affected.

Possible cause: Gout. This is the most common form of arthritis, usually caused by the accumulation of uric acid in the joints, triggering inflammation. There is a genetic predisposition to the disease, but being overweight and drinking heavily increases the risk. Sardines and beans contain large amounts of purine, which can aggravate gout symptoms.

6 Knees cannot jump

The main symptoms are: severe pain on the back and lower side of the kneecap when walking or running; sometimes the pain occurs frequently, making it difficult to sleep.

Possible cause: Tendonitis, caused by injury to the patellar ligament. The tendons of the elderly are fragile and prone to disease. Athletes and dancers use their knees frequently and are at higher risk. Being overweight and having asymmetrical leg bones can also aggravate the condition.

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