How to relieve knee pain after long-term exercise?

How to relieve knee pain after long-term exercise?

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Every time my knee hurts

You just think it's "old cold legs"!

Introduction to Laohan Legs:

Recurrent, long-lasting soreness and numbness in the legs, mostly in the knee joints, are collectively referred to as "old cold legs". Whenever it rains or the weather turns cooler, many patients often experience worsening knee joint pain. Most of these patients are middle-aged and elderly people, so they are also called "old cold legs".

Young people, pay attention, your knee pain is probably not "old cold legs"!

But my knees really hurt!

Then you may have exercised too much or accidentally injured your knee while exercising.

Especially those who love fitness.

You should pay attention!

What sports are most harmful to the knees?

◆ Weighted squats

When many people train their leg muscles, they do weight-bearing exercises. Friends, this is wrong! Most people don't remember the essentials of the action when they first start doing squats, and they put all their weight on the knee joints. If you load more weight at this time, do you think your knees can handle it?

When you first start doing squats, it is best to put a small stool under your buttocks to imitate the posture of sitting on a stool. Stand up as soon as your buttocks touch the stool, with the toes of your feet pointed slightly outward and the distance between your feet slightly wider. At the shoulders, push your knees slightly outward when squatting.

◆ Running on treadmill

Many people don’t know that running on a treadmill can hurt your knees. Let me explain. The reason is that the principle of a treadmill is different from that of normal running. The treadmill is a conveyor belt. The reason why you can run on a treadmill is Because the conveyor belt exerts an opposite force, if you take a step forward, there will be a backward force pulling your knees in the opposite direction. How can it not harm your knees? I suggest that people who are light in weight can use treadmills moderately, and people who are heavy in weight are more suitable to use elliptical machines for training.

◆ Riding a low-riding bicycle

You won’t feel the knee injury when riding a squat bike for a short time, but you will feel it after a long time. Many friends have a hobby of cycling. Experienced cyclists like to adjust the bicycle seat very high when riding long distances. This not only saves energy, but most importantly, does not wear out the knees. My friend rode for 6 hours before, and his knees became hydrated and swollen like steamed buns. He still has old injuries. Friends who love cycling should pay more attention.

◆Mountain climbing

Many people probably know that knee injuries occur when climbing. The reason is that one leg supports the whole body weight (sometimes plus the weight of the backpack). When climbing, one leg is bent to support our whole body weight, and then the other leg is bent on the other leg. Support, when the legs are bent to straighten, the knees bear the entire weight of our bodies, so mountaineering is really a sport that tests the endurance of the knees.

How to relieve knee pain?

① Single-leg leg press: Take a step forward with your left leg in a half-bent position, then place your hands on your knees and press down for eight beats. Then switch to your right leg and repeat the same action.

② High bouncing with both legs: Keep doing high bouncing movements with both legs up and down, paying attention to the toes touching the ground. This action requires jumping height and speed. Do it for 1 to 2 minutes each time, two to three times a day. As long as you persist, you will get results.


③ Stand against a wall, place your hands parallel in front of you and do a half-squat. You can do static exercises and maintain a half-squat position for about 1 minute. You can also half-squat against the wall, with your hands parallel, maintain a half-squat and keep pressing your knees down for about one minute each time. This may be a bit tiring for people with damaged knees, and it will be better if you exercise slowly.

④ Rub your knees with your hands. Stand with your feet together, then do a half-squat position, put your hands above your knees and do four beats of knee kneading by turning left, then turn right and knead your legs for four beats, alternating for 3 minutes each time. This method is not very tiring, and can better exercise the knee joints, helping to reduce knee pain.

In fact, your knee pain is not caused by "old cold legs".

Just a knee injury caused by sports.

Pay more attention to your daily exercise.

Relieve the pressure on your knees after exercise!

So how do you relieve stress after exercising?


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