Don’t ignore shoulder and neck pain, it may be a hidden problem!

Don’t ignore shoulder and neck pain, it may be a hidden problem!

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Don’t ignore shoulder and neck pain, it may be a hidden problem!

The fast-paced modern life causes shoulder and neck problems for many people, especially office workers and those who lower their heads. The consequences of working at a desk all the time and playing with mobile phones anytime and anywhere are cervical spine pain, shoulder and neck strain, and over time, many posture problems: "wealth bag", "round shoulders and hunched back", "hug back and waist", etc.

Many people tend not to care about these problems, thinking that it is just a temporary phenomenon that will get better with a little attention. However, these problems will become more serious and may even affect their life and work. No, it has probably already affected your work, but you don’t know it yet.

What impact will a bad cervical spine have on us?

The shoulders and neck are very important parts of the body. They connect our body and head and are the main pillars of the human body. Here, the body's qi and blood lead to the head. There are rich blood vessels and nerve plexuses that supply qi and blood to the head. Main channel, once problems occur, it will affect health.

In addition to these problems, problems with the shoulders and neck can also lead to adverse events such as skin deterioration, endocrine disorders, insufficient blood supply to the head, and even some mental problems.

The human body is a circulation from top to bottom. Once the shoulder and neck, the hub with rich blood vessels and nerve plexuses, is blocked, there will be a blockage in the upper and lower parts.

The head will suffer from insufficient Qi and blood due to blockage in the shoulders and neck, leading to headaches, dizziness, poor sleep quality, memory loss and other problems.

At the same time, the Qi and blood in our face will also be in bad condition due to blockage and insufficient supply, leading to problems such as dullness, loose skin, and even spots. In addition, blockage in the shoulders and neck will cause the pituitary gland in the head to lack estrogens, which directly leads to Endocrine disorders can cause early menopause in women.

This is why it is said that the shoulder and neck are the first places in the human body to age, because the shoulder and neck are the crossroads of the human body and an important hub!


How to self-diagnose shoulder and neck problems?

There are many serious problems caused by shoulder and neck discomfort and pain. How do you know if you have shoulder and neck problems?

▶▶ Touch the opposite ear with your hand. If this movement is not blocked, then there is no problem with the shoulder joint moving forward at this time;

▶▶Raise one hand high and directly above it. If it is easy without obstruction, it means there is no problem with shoulder joint abduction;

▶▶Put your hand behind your back. If you can feel the middle of the spine, it means there is no problem with shoulder joint rotation;

If you cannot complete any of the above three, it means you have a shoulder and neck problem.


The cause of shoulder and neck problems is nothing more than our incorrect and abnormal living conditions, playing with mobile phones for a long time, working at the desk, maintaining bad standing, sitting and sleeping postures, and maintaining these incorrect postures in the same state for a long time, which will lead to problems over time. Shoulder and neck problems may occur.

In addition, the decline in liver function is also an important reason. The liver is the largest blood detoxification organ in the human body. Once there is a problem with liver function metabolism, lactic acid and toxins in the blood cannot be decomposed, and the shoulders and neck will be blocked, causing shoulder and neck problems.

At the same time, the invasion of cold air will also affect the shoulders and neck. If you are busy at work and often wash your hair at night, it is easy for the shoulders and neck to catch cold and cause problems.


What muscles are around the shoulder and neck?

Among the neck muscles, the superficial sternocleidomastoid muscle and upper trapezius muscle have a greater impact on visual effects. The sternocleidomastoid muscle is located on the side of the neck, and the upper trapezius muscle is located on the back of the neck.

Sternocleidomastoid muscle

The sternocleidomastoid muscle originates from the manubrium of the sternum and the inner upper edge of the clavicle, and ends obliquely upward at the mastoid process of the mandible on the side of the face. Contraction of the sternocleidomastoid muscle on one side causes the head to flex to the same side and turn to the opposite side. Contracting both sides at the same time makes the head extend backward.

Upper trapezius muscle

The upper trapezius muscle is located at the back of the neck, originating from the nuchal ligament and cervical spinous process, and inserting into the clavicle, the inner edge of the acromion, and the lower edge of the scapular spine.


How to prevent and adjust

Posture adjustment

1.Standing posture adjustment

When standing, do not arch your back or slump your head, but keep your head up and chest up, your chin slightly retracted, your eyes looking straight ahead, your shoulders relaxed, stretched back and pressed down.

2.Sitting posture adjustment

When we want to see the screen clearly at work, we subconsciously stretch our heads forward. This is wrong. We should let the cervical spine return to the neutral position and let the arms hang naturally on the table.


Action adjustment

Cross your hands, turn your palms upward and hold for 30 seconds.

Hold your head with your hands and bend it downward, use your chin to find your neck, hold for 30 seconds.

Tilt your neck back and feel the extension of your spine and stretch on both sides of your neck. Hold for 30 seconds.

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